Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mormon boy

 Nicholas Jones turned eight on October 6th, and was  
on October 11th.  It was a gorgeous Saturday morning.
In attendance was almost every single member of my family.
Nicholas beamed with pride and happiness. 
 I could see it in his eyes.
My eyes were bloodshot with tears.  
Tears because of this gorgeous day, and tears because I had 
our Little Nie #6 still inside my womb, but I knew he/she was gone.
It was a quite emotional day, but also so beautiful.
I shall never forget it.
After Mr. Nielson baptized sweet Nicholas, and confirmed him a member of the
 Mormon church, we had donuts and hot cider outside in the church parking lot.  
Thanks to Mr. Justin Hackworth who shows up to all of my most important
 life events and photographs.

Have you seen "Meet The Mormons" yet?  
Please see it.  Please go.