Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deer Camp 2014

Each year the menfolk in my family plan a "deer camp". 
It's always mid October and it's usually for 3 days.
Deer Camp really is the same thing as the annual "deer hunt", 
except my boys don't hunt 
(remember we don't even eat meat!) so we call it the deer camp.
This year the weather was exceptional.
 It was sunny with blue skies the whole weekend.
The night before, Mr. Nielson packed the boys and I got little anxious because 
Mr. Nielson didn't pack the boys much- and by much,
what I mean is one pair of extra undies.
I was appalled. 
Those gross boys were not going to change the whole 3 days!!!! (??)
Mr. Nielson assured me that that was pretty normal, and please not worry.
So I didn't.
(My family has been going to the same camping sport for over 50 years)

(Nephews Van, Matthew with my brother Matt and nephew Maloy)

(Ollie's cheeser, and my brother Jesse with his kids.)
They had such a wonderful trip and as for the girls here at home, 
well, we had so much fun too.
We organized closets, and cupboards and I let the girls transform 
our basement into "Fox Hill Elementary".  It's super cute and they have 
it all set up so efficient and official for some neighborhood kids and cousins.
 I am sure I will write about that later.
One night I asked the girls what they felt like for dinner and Claire
 was really craving french fries and Jane wanted a smoothie.  
So we had both for dinner. 
My girls thought that was pretty cool.  

At night we watched beautiful movies like "The Young Victoria" and "Emma"
 and slept together in my big bed.
I am so thankful for my girlies!

Family traditions and the best.

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Also, I have a water bottle from Cotopaxi and it's my favorite water bottle
I have ever had in my life.
That's kind of a big deal since I have gone through about 50 of them
in the last year.