Friday, September 19, 2014

You never know how much good you do

 {This photo by Justin Hackworth, was taken last summer when 
I spoke with GB at one of his events.)

Happy Weekend!
Whew, I am really excited to shake up my week.
You know, like not make four lunches every morning for the next few days, 
maybe sleep in a past 8:00?
 Mr. Nielson has been at the beloved ranch this past week,
 and the Little Nies and I have been holding down the fort.  
I am excited for him to come home today.
We are planning on going to a few football games this weekend, and
 I am speaking at a pretty big event in Salt Lake on Saturday.
I am always honored to share my story with others.
I am pretty sure after I talk,  I will deserve a BIG 
piece of chocolate cake from Buca di Beppo,
 (please tell me you've had this cake!!!!)
I hope you have a great weekend.  I hope you are enjoying fall like we are.
The leaves are changing and my morning hikes are killin me.  
They are beautiful, breathtaking, and so inspiring.