Friday, September 26, 2014

We will gather

Happy weekend to you!  
I am going to pull myself together so I can attend the General Women's Meeting
with my girls on September 27th.
 I always look forward to this evening.
I hope you can join the millions of women across the globe as we receive
inspiring messages of hope, strength and help from our church leaders,
and our beloved Prophet.
(all of which I so desperately need).
I want my daughters to know they are daughters of God.  They are divine.
They are cherished and loved in His eyes.
I want them to feel His love and see the direction He is giving
them through these inspired meetings and church leaders.
This meeting is a beautiful tradition we will share together
until the end of time, I am sure of it!

 Go here for viewing information.
Or to watch it live, go here.