Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Pizza on the porch.

Last Friday to kick off our Labor Day weekend,
 Lucy and her family came up to Fox Hill to watch the first
 BYU football game (we won) and enjoy some homemade pizza.
Pizza on weekends were always a tradition at my home wherever we lived.
I am going to make sure we continue this for a few reasons.
1. Because its so much fun
2. I have a place to roll my dough,(bless counter top space)
3. Because it brings everyone close together, and the Little Nies love to 
personalize their pizzas...so liberating.

 Then we spent the rest of the evening outside 
enjoying the sunset.  
We also are drinking in the last of these few remaining warm summer evenings
The leaves in the mountains are changing, and the air is getting chilly. 
 I am totally excited about it, but also I know that it means evenings 
like these are coming to an end.
That's kind of sad.

PS...next week BYU plays University of Texas...
any Texas fans out there?  
It's on.