Thursday, September 11, 2014

Family Theme #6

**My heart and prayers go out to all who were personally affected 
by the tragic events that took place 13 years ago today.
We will never ever forget those who lost their lives that day,
and those who fight for our lives and freedoms everyday.**

"Remove any of your fear with faith
trust in the power of God to guide you".
(family theme taken from HERE)
Do you want to know how many times I say this to myself
 every single day?  Too many times to number.  

This is one of my favorite family themes.
 If we trust God, we have no room to fear.  He is in control.
 I had so much fun decorating this year!
I moved the outside table under our walnut tree, added twinkly 
lights and made paper airplanes to hang all around the branches.
It was truly a magical evening, and kinda special since it 
was Lottie's first Back to School Feast experience!

To see the full evening, go HERE
Thanks to Justin Hackworth for capturing the evening, so I didn't have to.

*Tomorrow is the last of the "Family Theme" series.