Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Family Theme #4

To Learn with Joy was our 2010-2011 Family Theme,
which was taken from my Favorite book,  
I had so much more energy this year, and a new neck to Boot!  
(I almost died several times getting it, but it has changed my life).
I thought about how I want my children to be able to make wise 
decisions and choices in their lives that will make them 
stronger, happier, and independent in the world.  
I want the Little Nies to be able to enjoy learning in all aspects;
not just with school, but in their spiritual lives, their hobbies, and talents.
We explained around the dinner table to the Little Nies that  
To Learn with Joy also means that making good decisions while they are young.
This will effect so much in their life as they get older and have more responsibilities.
They can see for themselves a person who has made good choices in life 
compared to someone who has made poor choices.
And from those examples, they can choose how they want to live.

And we hope they Learn with Joy and choose happiness.

(thanks to Justin Hackworth for the photos)