Monday, September 08, 2014

Family Theme #3

 Listen and Obey was 2009-2010 family theme.
It was a miracle that the back to school feast even took place this year.
I was still pretty fragile and sick.
Still highly medicated and in lots of pain.
To tell you the truth, I was not really "feeling" 
this traditional Back to School Feast.
I actually dreaded it.  Mostly because I didn't feel like Stephanie.
I felt distant and lonely.  I was sad and frustrated.
It took me pretty much all day set the table.  
I felt like I was trapped in this pain filled, ugly body.
I made a menu for our dinner and a grocery list and I asked Mr Nielson to pick 
the ingredients at the store.   I wasn't able to cook it, and Mr. Nielson
was such a sweetheart and gladly accepted the challenge.
He also picked me up some sunflowers for the centerpiece.
I spent hours on the crowns.  I mean hours. 
My hands slowly cut and glued.
Tears dripped out like a leaky faucet as I worked hard.
I felt so emotional.  I was grateful, I was thankful, I was mad, I was sad,
and I was so frustrated.  But my overall feeling was I WAS ALIVE to do this.
My dinning room table was humbly set with a tablecloth that was too
small, and I used my beautiful china that a dear friend had sent me from her
 recent travels to her hometown in the Middle East. (Thanks Iman)
My children didn't care, in fact they didn't even know of the serious
insecurities and lack of excitement I was feeling.
Bless them.
 I felt inspired to use "listen and obey" as our family theme because
throughout my whole accident ordeal, I learned and relearned that God knows best.
I am not nearly smart or strong enough to do anything without
God's help. If I listen and obey, miracles happen.
I am serious.  I saw it again and again and again in my recovery.
 It was perfect for our year.