Thursday, September 04, 2014

Family Theme #2

Claire was heading into 1st grade this year while Jane was in morning kindergarten.
I wanted to make this year extra special. 
Enter the new Nielson tradition:  'Back to School Feast".
 I set the table fancy, make the children crowns and decide a new theme 
to guide our family through the school year.
 It was such a wonderful way to begin the girls school year.
   I really enjoyed planning and preparing the decor, the menu, 
and I prayerfully decided on the "Be Prepared" theme.
I was inspired because a week after our feast Christian and I were in the airplane accident.
The children attended only one week at their school, and life completely 
changed for all of us.
To "Be Prepared" was an understatement for our family that year.
I believe that my children were prepared.  
Seconds after the accident, my children were surrounded by loving family 
members and dedicated friends who stepped in and took care of their every need.

The day before the accident I went to the grocery store
 and stocked up on good food.
I washed every one's bedding, deep cleaned cupboards, made banana bread, 
and paid my bills.
It was as if I knew that the next day would be the end of my life as I knew it.
Sub-consciously, I know I was preparing for family and visitors who would stay 
at my house while I slept in a coma at the 
county hospital hanging on to dear life.
I've heard my parents comment about how impressed they were that my home was 
so prepared and set up as if I knew I was going to 
have guests staying there in and out for months.
I think my spirit knew and I was being inspired by something 
much bigger than me.

Also, tomorrow, instead of sharing the next Nielson family theme,
I am going to share how I got off my pain meds.
I think it is really important to share with you.
I will pick up the family themes on Monday.