Monday, September 29, 2014


It's been said that pregnant women crave things.  
While I have had some serious cravings,
mostly my cravings have been for one thing;
 ER.  (Emergency Room)
You know, the TV show with Goose from Top Gun and George Clooney.  
When I was 13 years old, my older sisters started watching it and so did I. 
Then I became obsessed.  Did you know it ran for 15 seasons?  
I pretty much grew up with that show.
Little did I know that a portion of my life would be played out as an ER episode
 (or 3-4 seasons, at least).
I drove Clane to check my local library to see if they carried the DVD seasons.
No such luck.
It's times like this I really wish Blockbuster was still around.  
I swear it would be cheaper to check them out then download them all on my computer.  

Anyone own all 15 seasons?  Anyone want to share?
I'm dying here.

Love, your pregnant and very sick friend,  Nie

(Also, Claire's awesome backpack/library bag from HERE)