Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bigger picture

**Thank you everyone for your well wishes on Little Nie #6!
Your prayers and encouragement mean more to me than you know!**
I got a phone call today from Dr L. who congratulated me on baby Nielson #6.
Then he scolded me a little, telling me that I shouldn't announce my pregnancy 
until I am well into it.  Then I told him that it's impossible for me to do that 
because I am already SO sick!  And it's hard to pretend to feel fine, when
really I want to curl up on my bed and push the fast forward button.
I am all ready full-force sick. 
 Like, throw-ups when I have to change a diaper, 
or smell...well, anything really.
I lay in bed this morning and thought about my once daily hikes to the Y.  
Those will have to be put on hold for another several months.  
I am too sick to even get myself to the shower, it will be awhile before
 I get my running shoes back on.
I will miss it horribly, and I will miss it every single day.  
I will miss the way the trail smells, the way
my body feels as I push it to climb faster, and harder.  
My body is busy climbing another mountain now, and I am OK with that.
I am OK with letting go the things I once was able to do so easily and freely.
In life, there is always a bigger picture, and when we acknowledge it,
we let go a lot of expectations in our life that holds us back and slows us down.
 I see the bigger picture, and I really really like it.