Wednesday, August 06, 2014

September 25th, 2008 story #2

{My unscathed toes with decorations sent to me by Claire and Jane)

(please note, that these medical charts were dictated by a RN so I 
could understand and read them.)

September 25th, 2008
Burn grand rounds documentation confirmed TBSA burns 83%.  She had been febrile during the night, and she needed another bronchosopy.
Stephanie returned to the operating room from 8:15 am to 1:55 pm in order for Dr. Matthews, with assistance, to perform tangential excision of her entire back with removal of the xenograft from her bilateral hands and face.  This was then re-allografted and surgically secured to her back.
Stephanie lost approximately 1.25 liters of blood during the procedure. Both physical therapy and occupationally therapy saw Stephanie in the OR and preformed passive range of motion.
A abdominal ultrasound showed an enlarged pancreas and thick walled gallbladder containing sludge.
Stephanie had a lot of swelling around both of her eyes, and all  of her extremities were swollen.  The Dr. indicated a potential life-threatening injury to zone 1-5.  His notation represents all zones: head/neck, chest, abdomen/pelvis, spine/retroperitoneum, and extremities.
 {Siblings Andrew and Courtney visiting the hospital)