Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ranch living day #4

Today at the ranch we spent our time riding
 4-wheelers, catching lizards, and painting.
Can I just tell you how amazing the blue sky is here?!
It goes on and on forever with amazing fluffy white clouds.
Its amazing!
 Today Lottie's cheeks matched her dress and her hat and 
Ollie cleaned out an old vanilla bottle for his "flask".  
That cowboy made me laugh the whole trip.
Nicholas pretty much caught and re-caught lizards all day.
And the girls painted.
I got over 100 little wooden people for the Little Nies 
to create families and characters. They loved it until Lottie
 started painting on every one's shirts and hair. 

Tomorrow is my last report.
I wish I could go back and re-live the week.
It was quite, happy, beautiful, and calming.

Oh, check out the Bluewater barn flag from this angle: