Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ranch living day #3

Day three we took a field trip to Santa Fe, 
which is about 2 hours south of the ranch.
It's a neat little town filled with history and color.
It rained nearly the whole time we were there, 
so we didn't do much but walk around, 
visit a few churches, and look at the fun shops along main street.
 (photo cred: Andrew and his gopro)

My Dad found a "4 star" restaurant in Santa Fe.
It actually made about half of us sick.
I was handing out tums (which I am glad I had) like candy.
 On the way home, the little Nies looked out the car windows and 
yelled to us (because the windows were down)
 everything that they saw.  This included, trains, cool rock formations, 
clouds, large trucks on the road carrying things that looked like atomic bombs, 
hitchhikers, old barns, demolished hotels, pottery shops, 
and old cars abandoned in fields. 
Then we returned home in time for dinner where I made classic cheese sandwiches
 and we drank cold coke from the can.  Ahhhhhh.
We also turned up the music really loud and danced.
Lucy's son Freddie is obsessed with this song, so we probably 
listened to it about 50 times in a row.
 {Click on this photo to see some trickery Mr. Nielson and I made)

Lottie's shoes
My shirt
My bag
Claire's (my) poncho
My necklace