Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ranch living Day #2

 Day two of ranch living was mostly spent out by the barn where 
Mr. Nielson and I began our ranch project.  
Last month Mr. Nielson and I were talking about painting a a huge American flag 
somewhere on the ranch.  Then our good friends painted a flag on their barn 
here in Utah and I knew we had to copy.
These dear friends (the Linebaughs) helped us figure everything out.  
Mr. Nielson used his brains and calculated what size the flag would be 
and how much materials needed.
We of course, got Boss Nielson's OK before proceeding.  (Thanks Boss!)
**(Boss and Mary are in London on an LDS mission.  
They will be home later this year)**

 The next thousand photos (just kidding) are how the flag went up in sequence.
If we had a cool camera that could video a time lapse of this baby going up,
 that would have been really cool.  But we don't have a cool camera like that.  
But this is close enough:

While Mr. Nielson taped and prepped the area, I was inside the ranch
 house cutting 50 stars out of paper.
I am serious when I tell you, my hands bled after I was done.  
My hands are not so hot with the scissors.  
Not to feel sorry for myself for anything, but guys,
 try cutting out anything without bending your fingers.  Its hard.
(Thanks to Lucy who helped cut out the last few.) 
 Then we had to call it a day because my dad took off on the 
4-Wheeler alone after lunch for about 5 hours and we all got really
 nervous and we cried and said prayers and all that jazz.
Lucky for us (and after calling the Sheriff), my pops came over the ranch 
hill back home to all of us.
I promised him I wouldn't blog about this because he was rather
 embarrassed about the whole thing altogether, so I will just end this 
part of our story with this photo:
Home at last.

 Back to work:

 D O N E and D O N E

 Just for good measure Mr. Nielson and I signed our names on the right bottom corner of the flag.
We also created a hashtag for the other Nielson posterity to use when 
posing in front of this glorious symbol.