Thursday, August 07, 2014

October 7th, 2008 story #3

{Dad and Mom at my side)

(please note, that these medical charts were dictated by an RN so I 
could understand and read them.)

October 7, 2008 
8:45 am  Stephanie underwent surgical tangential excision of all four extremities.  Stephanie still had open wounds and continued to need blood transfusions.
Kevin Foster, MD took preformed the surgery.  Post-op orders included to turn her every 2 hours, place foot drop splints and upper extremity splints as scheduled.
Lou Anne Jones, NP completed a dressing change from 2 pm to 6 pm. with wound cleansing and removal of hypertronic tissue.  Stephanie was administered propofol, versed and morphine.  The dressings were removed from Stephanie's face, thereby exposing the sheet grafts.  Nurse Jones trimmed some extra sheet graft from Stephanie's forehead, around her eyes and around areas to her bilateral cheeks.  Dried, dead and bloody areas from the scalp and around the ears were washed.
Both the morphine drip and the versed drip were increased to 12 mg per hour.
Neurologically, Stephanie was occasionally responding to commands and to pain.  She continued to have intermittent episodes of chest pain and respiratory distress that required testing and intervention.  Stephanie nodded her head when asked if she could hear.
Stephanie received two units of packed red blood cells.  Medical providers worked hard to keep Stephanie alive. Stephanie had tested for sepsis versus pulmonary embolism.  Stephanie was minimally responsive when her sedation medication were off. 

Also to note: A nurse explained to Stephanie's sister-in-law Lisa, who was visiting that day, that everything would be different now and that things would never be the same for Stephanie.  Ever.  If they, as her family and friends were constantly comparing her to the way she used to be, then they and Stephanie would never be satisfied.  It would never be enough.  If, however, they learned to compare her to how far she had come, each step of the way, and see the miracle that her body is surviving and changing, then watch success would be a leap forward, not an inch, from a devastating moment.