Monday, August 25, 2014


When Mr. Nielson and I began building Fox Hill, 
we had the most wonderful carpenter.  
His name was Chandler.  
Chandler was a short tuff as nails type of guy. But was the biggest
sweetheart you'd ever meet.  
He always worked in shorts rain or shine and was very very good at what he did.
You should see our mantle-- or our bannister's-- or our closets.
They are amazing.
 {Here are some of Chandlers notes on the wall 
where a photo of the mantle I wanted
hung.  I also had written Chandler a note. "Chandler you're the man"}
Chandler figured out how to help us restore and use 
Mr. Nielson's great great grandfathers barn wood from the ranch 
 in certain beautiful places in our home.
Later I learned that the mold from these old planks of wood gave 
Chandler allergies so bad he had to cover
 his face while working just so he could finish.
The other thing about Chandler was how absolutely darling he was with Lottie.
He would talk to her and let her play with his big tools.  
His face would light up when she waltzed through the room.
I am telling you about Chandler because last December, 
Chandler committed suicide.
It was a huge shock to me and Mr. Nielson. 
I was sick about it. 
Chandler left 2 children and his sweet wife Julie.
Mr. Nielson and I attended his funeral.  It was a wonderful service.
Julie has teamed up with AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)
to help raise funds to support research, advocacy, 
education and prevention initiatives designed 
to reduce loss of life from suicide.
Maybe you have been personally touched by depression or suicide
and would like to help Julie and her cause.
Julie is trying to raise $10,000.  

You can read and donate to Chandler and the cause HERE