Thursday, August 28, 2014

An afternoon with the Little Nies

Since the Little Nies are in school now, its a lot quieter around here.
(Which I like and am grateful for).
But when they step foot in the front door after school- our day is non-stop.
A typical after-school day is usually this:
(Not including church meetings, or other obligations)

2:55- Pick up Claire at middle school.
3:20- Pick up Jane, Ollie and Nicholas at school.
3:30- Walk in the door and force the Little Nies to wash their hands.
3:31- Snacks.  Usually fresh fruit, pita and hummus, toast, veggies dipped in ranch dressing (gross).
4:00- homework.  I usually give the children one hour to complete, because any longer than that cuts into their outside time, and to be honest, homework shouldn't be any longer than that.
5:00- Playtime.  This means the boys will make awesome sound effects with their mouths as they play cars, or helicopters, or pretend they are army men.  The girls usually follow me around the house talking to me about their day. 
6:00- I begin dinner.
7:00- We sit down as a family and eat.
8:00- I clean up dinner while Mr. Nielson assists with motivating the children into a shower.
8:30- Kids read for 20 minutes or until everyone is out of the shower.
8:50- Teeth brushed & family prayer.
9:00 BED

Then it's quiet time for me and Mr. Nielson.
We talk about the day, maybe eat a bowl of cereal maybe 
watch a little Jimmy Fallon, 
or do other equally exciting things.
But before we turn off the lights, 
we always end our day together with a prayer.  
We trade off who offers the prayer each evening.  
THIS is the best time of the day for me.
And that is our afternoon/evening.
Maybe I'll share with you our mornings, because they are pretty busy too.
Do you have similar days?