Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Worth it.

Utah has seen its fair share of forest fires this summer.
Mr. Nielson has an app on his phone which pinpoints exactly where fires are 
burning in our state.
There is a fire that is burning- and has been burning, for more than 
a week above my beloved Y mountain.
It casts a strange glow on the city and in the house. 
It also makes the sun appear like it's doomsday:
Right now, as I type this a light rain covers the city.  
It makes the air smell so nice, and
will hopefully contain the fires around the state.
The past few days we have seen a
 helicopter flying overhead with a large bucket of water
in tow.  I think of the 19 members of the Arizona Hotshot team who lost their
lives a year ago putting out a horrible fire in the mountains near Prescott.
I still keep those brave men and their families in my prayers. 
Last night I lay in my bed next to Mr. Nielson and looked out my window.
I watched our American flag blow steady in the wind and I thought about life.
I thought about death and freedom and some of the crazy things that
go on in the world. I felt sacred for a few minutes. 
 I felt out of control, but soon those thoughts were replaced with hope and 
the comforting things in my life like
God, my faith, my family, and the knowledge that I know the sun
will come up each day.
Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and tell yourself that
everything will be OK.  Then you put one foot in front of the other,
and move forward, and sometimes that is really hard, but
in my experience, it's pretty much worth it.