Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sailing at Fox Hill

A few weeks ago, Mr. Nielson attached a
beautiful copper sailboat weathervane on top of Fox Hill.
We thought it to be a perfect touch to our happy home.
When we visited Denmark last spring we noticed many copper embellishments 
on the buildings and homes and fell in love with the look.
In Denmark, the copper has totally gone green with time and the elements,
but it looks awesome, old and wise.
We know that at some point, our sailboat will do the same.
Mr. Nielson and I visited the studio where this cute sailboat was created.
It was way cool and fun to watch.
Mr. Nielson may have also ripped a hole in the crotch of
his pants trying to get the sailboat on top of
our steep roof lines.
I may have laughed for a few solid minutes straight.
Go HERE for more information.
(about the sailboat, not the ripped pant)