Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer and Proud

 {a VERY favorite Mormon artist Minvera Teichert}

Did you know that today is an official holiday in Utah?
Our state was founded by strong and brave Mormon Pioneers in 
1847, and so we celebrate today as a holiday.
It's awesome.  Usually my family gets together and we let off a few fireworks,
and then we talk about our rich pioneer heritage at some point during the day.
Today we are headed to my sister 
Page's cabin in the mountains for family time and heritage discussions.
I always remind my children when life gets hard, that they they can
overcome anything because they have a long list
of brave, strong, and dedicated ancestors who came before them.
These men, women, boys and girls overcame and pushed forward
when life got hard- and it was hard!
Sometimes I think we are pretty wimpy.
 {My little pioneers... photo cred: Justin Hackworth}

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Happy Pioneer Day!