Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lottie makes dinner

Did I ever tell you about that one time when Lottie put one of 
Claire's shoes in our microwave and turned it on?
I was cooking dinner and Lottie was playing near me with her dolls.
I ran downstairs to my garage to bring up some flour for our 
dinner rolls and for the 3 minutes I was gone, 
Lottie took one of Claire's shoes and
popped it into the microwave then turned it on for 45 minutes.
I came upstairs to a cloud of smoke and our loud fire alarm blaring.
Lottie was so scared she hid in her tee pee and cried.
I couldn't find her for a few minutes after I figured out what was going on.
The smoke and nasty smell from the
 incident lay in the air for the two next weeks.
Not to mention that it ruined Claire's cute gold oxford.
Then I learned of the wonderful child lock button on our microwave...genius.