Monday, July 14, 2014

Her Majesty, Mt. Timpanogos

I got a text from my brother Andrew (who frequently I call Leonard, Leo or Lin), just after lunch.
He asked me if Mr. Nielson and I would like to summit Timp in a few hours.
Just so you know, hiking Timp really isn't 
a decision you make on a whim- for me anyway.
It's a very long exhausting hike that can take up to 8 hours.
You most certainly don't want to hike it in the dark.  It's a little freaky.
At some points on the trial, you make a mistake, you are going downtown 
(sudden death) my hands sweat thinking about it. 
But lucky for us, we knew the moon would be AMAZING. 
 It was a supermoon. (look it up)
so the decision was easy.  I was pumped.
Andrew is kind of a machine and hikes really fast.
It's always a challenge hiking with him but after a while I feel like 
I have to ease off the reigns and let him go.
That's what happened.
He got to the top about 45 minutes before Mr. Nielson and I. (3:42)
Mt. Timpanogos is the centerpiece to my world here in Provo.
It is majestic and gorgeous and powerful.  I feel brave looking at it.
I have hiked Timp several times before, 
but this was one of those A/C (after-crash)
items I wanted to accomplish and I did it.
I thought of two things very frequently on the trail:
1. God
2. How my body is amazing.

Here are the photos:
 (Thanks to Katie who we met on the top for 
some of these awesome photos she took)
 {See the tip of the mountain behind me?  That was where we were headed)
 I blew my nose so many times on my t shirt I had to wrap it up...kind of gross.
 Do you spy the white mountain goats?  SO cute- they reminded me of Lottie.
{Can you see the super moon there behind me and Andrew?  It was breathtaking}

Then we took our noodle knees home with moon leading the way.
I am headed up again soon- preferably when Utah sees the gorgeous fall color!
Who's in??