Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cookies by Clane

My brother Topher is living in London for a few months.
He takes a group of college students over to Europe each summer
for a study abroad program at Utah Valley University.
I invited his widow, Lisa and their darlings over for an evening swim and treats.
I hate when Mr. Nielson leaves for 48 hours, and I can't imagine
months.  That is hard. Go Lisa!!
Each morning, I get up early to exercise and last night, 
Lottie was in my bed (and awake) about 70% of the time, so I was exhausted when
I stumbled out of my bed at 6:00 this morning to hike.
Around 1:30 when Lottie usually takes her afternoon nap,
  I gave myself permission to take a little nap too.
I asked Clane to make some cookies to serve our guests tonight.
I use this recipe every time I bake chocolate chip cookies.
It's practically fool-proof. (thanks Steph)
Clane nailed it, I snoozed, Lottie snoozed, and all is well.

PS:  Check out this awesome clip of Topher.
He's pretty cool.