Thursday, July 10, 2014


After the 4th of July was over, licorice and cupcakes gone and a normal 
bedtime hour was put back in place. 
Things start to become normal again.  
Sort of.
At my house everyone holds their breath because most defiantly someone 
will get a cold sore- or as we call it a "bubblie".
This year it hit Nicholas, hard.
We tell the Little Nies that bubblies are a result from the 3 S's.  
Sleep (lack of)
Then because I am a Clark, I had to know who else in my family
 got a holiday bubblie too.
Here was a bit of  our group dialogue:

 So basically, over the holiday and at the festivities, 
I saw about 10 Clark adults and children with the dreaded bubblie.
Hit it hard people.
Hit.  It.  Hard.