Wednesday, July 09, 2014

4th of July 2014 Day # 6- last day.

Our last day of our 4th of July 2014 was jammed packed.  
Lucy and Andrew (and children) had spent the night so when the morning came, 
Mr. Nielson made his famous whole wheat waffles which we all enjoyed.  
 Then we all swam.
We swam until we began taking about nachos.   
Usually that means we are super hungry and it's lunch time
and nap time and time to get out.
So, Lindsay and I made nachos for lunch in our swimming suits.
But not before we made plans to meet for dinner with Lucy, Andrew 
and their family downtown Provo for some Indian food. 
After dinner we walked up the street to Andrews jewelry shop- 
which pretty much blew our minds.
Andrew is a talented dude.  
(Lottie's cute dress from Little Hip Squeaks- best dress she owns)

Then our day turned into the evening which then took us to the  
Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.
I don't know what I did in this life to have the museum open just for my family, 
but the experience was amazing. 
The children loved every single second and only asked me
to take photos of them every 100 seconds of them 
doing all sorts of awesome things, 
like this:
In the morning before we left for church, 
the Jonesons became just the Nielson's and the Joneses. 
It was sad to say goodbye, and I cried along the girls when we 
had to rip arms apart.
I regretted not taking a single normal photo of me and Lindsay
 the whole dang trip.
Now it is back to normal life.
Back to waking up early to hike the Y, back to cooking normal meals, 
back to bedtime at normal hours, back to boring hair and not having cool braids
done by Lindsay, and back to picking up stuff.
I am a firm believer in switching things up once and awhile, 
and sometimes, you don't even have to leave town.
All you need are a pair of good friends.
How wonderful is that?