Thursday, July 03, 2014

4th of July 2014 Day #3

Day 3 of the Jonesons week was pretty low-key.
We had good intentions of doing something big; maybe catch a movie, 
maybe a visit to the museum, or out to get a treat-
 but instead we stayed at home.
Around noon, Andrew (Lucy's husband) brought pizza for lunch.
It was pretty awesome when we all wore our Mexican house dresses all day.
Then Spencer, Lindsay, Mr. Nielson, 
my brother Andrew and I hiked to Squaw Peak.  
Squaw Peak is a very tall mountain that overlooks beautiful Provo.
It took us about about 3 1/2 hours.
We booked it as fast as we could to the top so we could get a 
photo while it was still light.
 Spencer and Lindsay (AKA: Spency)
 The meadow is such a gorgeous spot before the top.
 Then we took out engagement photos.
At the top we spotted Fox Hill. 
 I called the Little Nies and we flashed lights on and off so they
could see us way up high.
Also, its kinda of scary at the top.
Last time I was a the top I was a senior in high school.
My goal is to hike it every month- probably with my brother Andrew.