Friday, June 06, 2014

Try try again.

I live in Utah.  I live in a very awesome place in Utah called Provo.
Some of the neat things about Provo are the mountains, 
Utah Lake, the beautiful seasons, city traditions, BYU,
and I also love how it smells and also the fact that 
I was born and raised right here in Provo. 
Anyway, I got a text from the mayor of Provo asking me to post
 about on my instagram feed.
Outside magazine is holding
a contest for the best place to live in the country.
Now, I think Provo is pretty great, and so took one of Lottie's uniforms 
(white onesie) and wrote "" 
right on the onesie with a black sharpie.
My intent was to instagram Lottie wearing the onesie and get the word out.
 I took so many awesome photos of her.  She was being so cute and photogenic.
I narrowed it down to my favorite photo and almost hit the publish
 button when I realized that it's not 
"" but "".

I got out another white onesie and we tried it again,
Check out how cute this chick is:
Then Lottie got really bored modeling for me and picked up singing 
"wheels on the bus" and riding her little car around the porch.
{Thanks Freshly Picked for making the best shoes in the world,
what would Lottie do without them? Also to note,
Freshly Picked was born and functions out of Provo}

All Provo needs is a Trader Joe's.  Come on already!!!! Sheesh.
* * * * *
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