Wednesday, June 04, 2014

To my baby daddy: (please don't read)

He's not my father, but he is the father of my children and 
I love him more than anyone in the world.
Like I mentioned on yesterday's post, I celebrate everything 
and anything I can get my hands on.
So naturally Father's Day would be a perfect time to make a 
HUGE BIG deal out of Mr. Nielson.
Here are the gifts he will be getting this year for Father's Day:
(I asked him not to read today's post.  I wouldn't want my baby daddy 
to know about these exciting finds!)

It has mirror points and in the center a lacquered photo of the man himself.
I think this will be a nice addition to our amazing star window. 
2. A collection of cool photos from Lottie's second birthday-
These awesome photos will be all together in a neat accordion brag book
You never know when Mr. Nielson 
may want to pull this baby out and show someone how awesome his family is.

3. This super rad  Rhone shirt.  I have gifted him with Rhone products before.  
We are never disappointed.  Mr. Nielson loves these clothes. 
 He loves the way they feel and fit on his body, and he loves the colors.  
He is going to be one hot daddy in this shirt.
Happy fathers day to my main man!
(men holding babies is so attractive, am I right or am I right?!)