Friday, June 27, 2014

thirty three

Today I turn 33.
I was going to share a journal entry on June 27th, 1995, with you
but my handwriting was horrific and basically all the entry
 said was how much I loved my mom and dad.
I also mention that I slept on the trampoline the night before and
in the morning I hiked the Y with my Young women group.
I write about how I got a basketball with wristbands and my mom
and brother Jesse got me a 
Russian Olive tree to plant in my backyard.  
 I also say "awesome" about 50 times.
On my 4th birthday, 1985
Oh, I also mention that I got a pair of bright orange Umbro shorts
which may not sound that sweet, but believe me they were the stuff then.
It was pretty awesome.
Thanks Mom for having me.