Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sugar pea parrot

 One of the best things about Summer is the fresh fruits and vegetables 
growing in gardens and available at stands along the road.
This week I bought probably 5 pounds of fresh sugar snap peas 
for the Little Nies to eat.
Last night, I think Lottie had about 60 pods.
Watching Lottie learn to open the peas and pick out the little balls of 
deliciousness was a delight to watch.
This is such a good memory for me- not just because it was cute to watch
 Lottie move her chubby fingers or because Lottie is in a "parrot stage" 
which means she will copy the last word of anything you say.  
For instance, I will say:
"Hi Lottie Lou"
and she will say
then I will say:
"Lottie are you hungry?"
and she will say:
"Lottie do you like sugar snap peas?"
and she will yell:
My kids all laugh and we all think it is really funny.
 But because behind me
(not photographed) all my children sat in the kitchen surrounding us
waiting for dinner.  (I pulled out the peas to satisfy them until then).
I am so thankful for healthy happy children.
I am grateful and thank God every single night for all my children.
Even though I asked Ollie about 7 times to put his BB gun away,
and Claire not to throw her PJ's in the dirty clothes after one night of wear.
I LOVE them all so much.