Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Secret Project/Existing

I am still actively working to get my "secret project" up and running.

It takes a lot of work and a lot of time- two things I find very sacred and 
precious in my life right now.  
Which is also why I feel like its taking forever.
But I need your help!!   I am going to be asking some 
questions on my instagram feed and request your answers.
 Yesterday morning after my 
morning hike, I asked "I am most happy when______________".  
I got a lot of wonderful answers, thanks!
Your continued feedback will be most helpful.
I had another laser session today. O U C H!    
Dr. J. is pretty much amazing.  These modern-day treatments for burns 
and scars and everything in between are pretty much amazing too.
I feel lucky to be alive in this day and age where my life can be improved 
so I can do the things I love, regardless of my trials.
Twenty years ago, finding a 80% burn survivor 
would have been difficult--they don't generally exist, but because of the
 advancements in technology, medicines and very skilled doctors, 
more of us are alive, thriving and living very normal lives.
I am grateful.

Happy Tuesday.