Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sailing into 7th grade

 To celebrate Claire's exciting 6th grade graduation, Mr. Nielson 
and I took Claire and her cousin Lydia on a overnight sailing trip
last weekend.
We took the girls to Utah Lake.  
The evening and weather was perfect.
Once the sun was gone, we dropped anchor in the harbor and 
the girls watched a movie on the deck, while 
Mr. Nielson and I snuggled in the cabin below.
The girls giggled like 7th graders-(oh, wait, they are 7th graders,)
all night long. I think we fell asleep after midnight.
Mr. Nielson told me as we lay in the cabin of the boat listening to
the water on the side of the boat,
how he thought it was kind of ridiculous that we celebrate 6th grade graduation.
I guess in Arizona where he grew up they don't do that.
But you know me, I kind of make a big deal about anything and everything.
Except Jane has been really jealous of Claire all week, and that has 
ruffled a few feathers around our house. 
When they fight I show them this photo:
 and then they laugh and we move on.
Happy graduation Claire Elizabeth!