Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Project lunch

Remember "project lunch" where I am making each little Nie take a
 day and make the rest of us lunch?
Project lunch is still in full force.
Oliver has prepared hot dogs (or not-dogs, which are made from soy) 
for the second consecutive week.
It's easy, fast and promises a super easy skill level.
Plus, everyone loves them.
He slaps each plate with watermelon {which he cuts}
 and a plate full of potato chips. Perfect.
(Also, note, the boys pretty much wear their swimsuits all day long.)
Tomorrow Jane is up.
She is very methodical about her lunches and plans far in advance.
Her cooking level requires mixing and using hot pads.
So far project lunch has been rewarding and simple.
Now if only I could say the same thing for "Mom's school"
where we practice spelling, writing, and reading
each day after breakfast. 

I am trying.