Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Peace in my life

Mr. Nielson and I went on a date together on a weekday to the temple.
It was refreshing and calm.
Sometimes I need that in my life.
Not that I feel chaotic and crazy all the time, in fact 
I am usually very peaceful and happy.
But going to the temple with Mr. Nielson brings perspective in my life 
and a deep desire to carry on- especially when life does bring challenges. 
Like today when it rained and rained a lot.  In fact it rained so much we have
silver bowls in different areas of house catching drips of rain.
Fox Hill's new roof needs some TLC.
But, I am convinced there is nothing better than falling asleep at night
when it is raining outside.  That is what happened last night.
I was cozy and warm next to Mr. Nielson.
During the chaos or exhaustion of a stressful day, like when
Lottie demands taking her diaper off, or 
when she skips a nap, or when the Little Nies
 drive me nuts during the day because they continually say the b word (bored).
I can always hang on because I keep
reminding myself that in a few short hours 
I will be curled up next to Mr. Nielson
in our bed -warm and then nothing else matters.
This is also pretty much how I feel when I visit the temple.