Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Night Swimming

Mr. Nielson and I really wanted a pool in the backyard of Fox Hill 
because swimming is such good exercise for me since my skin/burns 
still restrict a lot of my movement.  My skin is still tight and sometimes 
I still have a hard time bending my knees.  
I can almost stay touching my bum to the back of my legs for more than
 20 seconds without killing it me.  But in the pool, my muscles seem to relax and 
I am able to move freely.  It feels so good.
Of course the Little Nies dominate the pool during the day, and I don't think 
they really even thought they could go swimming at night when a few weeks ago for
Family Home Evening, we pulled the lid back.  
They all jumped in and then slept so nice the rest of the night.
Sometimes, really late at night, Mr. Nielson and I 
sneak into the pool and skinny dip.  
I will spare you the details of that activity, 
except to say, that its pretty awesome.