Thursday, June 05, 2014

Can I count on you?

 Another summer day has come and gone and a new one begins today.
Yesterday I took the Little Nies to the park.  We picked up some 70+ sunscreen
 and donut holes at the local grocery store and spent the morning 
playing in the shadows of the mountains.
It was a gorgeous day.
I have been thinking a lot about my "special project" lately.  
I ponder about the effects it could have in many lives- forever.
 I have been praying for guidance and help to utilize 
this project in blessing and helping many many people for good.  
I have been researching to find the best resources to use 
to make it a big success.   I need your help too. 
 I hope when the time comes I can count on you.
We are in the middle of figuring everything out so I can't share much about it, 
but please keep it in your prayers.

Last time I was at Sundance I passed by this sign advertising Kids Camp.
I have decided to put the Little Nies in it a few weeks this summer.
They are so excited and so am I.
Have you heard about it?  
I hear it is filling up fast, so sign your children up soon.
I think it really will be amazing.
More information and sign up here.