Monday, May 19, 2014

Temple wedding

My oldest nephew, Layton (my sister Page's son) got married on Saturday.
This beautiful wedding took place near Salt Lake City at a Mormon temple.
The temple is a very special place to Mormons. We don't consider it to be a
 secret place, it is sacred. There is a big difference. 
Anyone can have the opportunity to enter into the temple and see Mormon
weddings and other special peaceful ordinances 
as long as they are a baptized a member of the church, 
and are living in harmony with God's commandments.
Through the temple, we believe that families can be together forever. 
You don't hear the words "Til death do you part" 
in the wedding ceremony in the temple,
 because we know that we will be married forever.
We believe that there is a life after death and relationships on earth
are just as valid and wonderful in our next life.
The wedding yesterday was another wonderful reminder of my 
love and dedication to Mr. Nielson.
We both felt emotional talking about our beautiful wedding day
The children were not permitted into the wedding ceremony, 
but walked around the beautiful grounds of the temple while
their parents and older cousins were inside.
I left my phone with Claire so she could photograph her cousins and
other exciting happenings.
I also told her to get a few photos of Layton and his new bride Nile 
when the ceremony was over.
But she didn't.  Instead my camera roll was filled with photos like this:
 and this:

So sadly, I don't have any photos of the bride and groom.
Except for this short little clip:
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