Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Remember school?

After a fun day of playing outside, smelling the smells of summer, 
(russian olive),
eating summer food, staying outside late, swimming with cousins, and a fish fry
my little family sat on our porch and watched the sun 
disappear and the moon and stars make their entrance.
Then I looked at Mr. Nielson 
and reminded him that it was almost 10:00 and we still had school tomorrow.
We loaded the little Nies in the shower, put on their PJ's,
 made everyone cherry Coke floats (as promised)
then tucked everyone to bed.

Yippee for the last day of school on Friday!!

Speaking of the last day of school,
do you have gifts for your teachers?
I always find something sweet and creative at 
For example, this: