Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pretending on a hill.

We have this hill above our home and it's beautiful.
The grass is turning vibrant green and it waves when the wind blows.
My girls (Clane) love to pretend they are pioneers or "lost and lonely" 
frantically looking for shelter before the big storm.
They remind me of a Charlotte Bronte character.
Yesterday as I was dumping photos from my phone to my computer,  
I found three videos Clane filmed with their neighbor friend.
They speak in English accents and use Charlotte like a prop.
They always pretend that their parents die tragically leaving 
them alone to care for themselves.
Which, isn't really funny since that really almost in real-life happened.
Anyway,  usually they dress up in big elaborate costumes 
(or whatever they can find in the basement) and play on the hill until it gets 
dark and I have to drag them home.
It makes me so happy.
I am so happy I didn't really die in that airplane crash, 
and I can watch them play and pretend.
I am not sure how much longer Claire will pretend, she is going into 7th grade.  
But I'll wish for a few more years.
I played paper dolls until high school- seriously, so you never know.