Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day weekend wrap-up

I had a wonderful weekend because:

1.  Mr. Nielson took me on a morning temple date.
 2. Nicholas' Mothers Day program at school//fabulous art.
3. Mr. Nielson made me a mother (but not with those sweet shades on}. 
4. Mr. Nielson and Lottie take me out on a super fancy dinner date.
 5. The children present me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.

6. Hiking in the rain.

7. Lottie selfies- they are simply adorable.

 8. Mother's Day with my Mother (on a very windy day)
I am thankful for the wonderful mothers/women and the examples set
for me of what it means to be a righteous woman and mother 
in the world today.

Also a reminder:
Mr. Nielson and I are hosting the Beacon Beneficial Family Series 
at Sundance on May 22nd.  We have a few seats left, and would love
to see you there.  More information HERE