Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy weekend to you....

(to the tune of 'happy birthday')
Happy Weekend to you, happy weekend to you,
happy weeeekend dear___________________(your name)
happy weekend to you.

I hope this weekend I get to go on a date with him:

After which have a Dr. Pepper, (which I am only saving to devour on weekends.)
Then I hope to enjoy my children, possibly make them scrub the toilets,
play a game of HORSE outside on our hoop,
sniff the Russian Olive aroma permeating Fox Hill,
and watch a movie in my bed.  Sounds nice ehe?
Earlier this week we had my sweetheart niece Olivia
over to spend the evening with us 
before she spends 18 months on a LDS mission in the 
New York, New York North mission.
She doesn't know it yet, but when she returns I am going to give her this book 
by Andrea Faulkner Williams
You can learn more about it HERE
And my sister Courtney wrote in the introduction to the book (thumbs up)

Spiritual Enlightenment HERE