Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good ol days

Sometimes I let Lottie paint.
But it usually quickly escalates into painting the table or 
makeup or a mustache on herself.
Then I laugh and take loads of photos of her because she loves
to view these photos on my phone in her car seat when I am driving
and she is the b-word (bored).
I am enjoying these last few days with just Lottie at home, 
because soon (Friday) all the Little Nies will be
home and rocking my world.
They will be hungry every hour and if I hear the "b" word once (bored), 
I may flip out.
So, gone are the days of quite afternoons and naps.  
Soon chaos and noise will be the new normal.
It's OK, I love my children and I have some good ideas planned to
 keep things rolling smoothly at home.
I will just miss the good ol days.