Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Bulletins on the plains

I like to call myself a pioneer. 
 I have a rich heritage of wonderful men and women
 who lived a hard but very beautiful life.  They worked hard
and fought for their religions convictions and were so resilient.  
Those are the qualities I find so admirable.
Qualities I want my family to imitate.
The Mormon pioneers traveled to the west (Utah) for religious freedom.
 On their journey, they often engraved the date and their rate of travel 
into trees, rocks or fence posts.  
They also carved the information into bison skulls that were lying by the trail. 
These engravings became known as “bulletins on the plains.” 
I hung this awesome bison skull above my front door as a reminder of my heritage.
On the inside of the skull I wrote our family theme 
(not to be confused with the 2013-2014 theme).
Also, I am obsessed with Georgia O'Keeffe and her paintings.

She inspired my dreams for the colors we used in Fox Hill.
 I figured this bison skull is a good touch.

Latter-Day Home Bison Skull here.