Monday, May 05, 2014

Advised, Inspired, and Nourished

Mr. Nielson founded Beacon Beneficial over 3 years ago, primarily to
 guide families (and businesses too) toward some important financial 
and legal safeguards.   Since then, he has expanded his services.
Introducing the "Beacon Beneficial Family Series."
Mr. Nielson and I almost died in our accident five years ago.
We could have potentially left a huge burden on our family members
as they carried on and raised our children.  
We want to help other families be prepared for the unexpected...
oh you know, like a plane crash (heaven forbid).
Basically Christian and I will be hosting a limited 
seating date-night for couples so you can meet with Mr. Nielson's
expert advisors and with us on important 
issues that affect every family and home.
We are holding the first event on May 22nd at Sundance Resort in Utah.
We will have more events coming up in other places
like Arizona and California in the near future.
For more information and to register, please go HERE.