Wednesday, April 02, 2014

This is how it works:

I have been thinking a lot about my little family and how each child reacts 
differently to my attention and affection.
Claire loves to talk.  She loves to about her day,
 talk about her friends, and talk about her feelings.
Jane just needs attention.  She loves when I cuddle her 
or lay in her bed to talk.  She loves to talk too- like a lot.
She can't go too long without a snuggle before she begins to
 emotionally destruct.
Oliver loves his back rubbed- any kind of tickles or rubs
for that matter, really.
He opens up so much more if I am touching him while we chat.
Nicholas just needs me to look him in his eyes while we talk.
He loves if I just listen.  Listen to his story, jokes, or his plans.  He plans.
Lottie will hold my hand or tugs on my hair.
Mr. Nielson just wants me close to his body.
I am grateful I have a body to facilitate all of these needs. 
 Some days is hard to be all of these things- sometimes all at once and
then of course, there are meals to be made, 
the house to be in order, and homework done. 
It takes work to be a mother.  
No one said it would be easy, and it takes lots of effort, patience and energy.
But I know it is the best work that I am doing right now.
And I know my children are worth it.