Friday, April 18, 2014

Party Animal

Lottie turned TWO!!!!!
On a chilly evening in April, the Nielson's donned animal
masks and celebrated Charlotte turning two.
I have over 15 different animal masks and let each of the Little Nies
choose their favorite animal to be for the whole evening. 
Even Umi and Pacca (grandma & grandpa) stopped by
Fox Hill to wish Lottie a happy birthday-- in a mask.
Introducing the Nielson family aliases:

Mr. Nielson the Lion (or bear)
Me the fox (of course)
Claire the cat--or as Lottie calls it "kitkat"and Jane the pig.

Oliver the wolf and Nicholas the monkey.

 Lottie, the duck, or fox, or bunny or elephant- whatever,
she tried them all on and hated them all.

Special thanks to:
Emsy and Co, for Lottie's super cute dress.
(BTW: 15% off using code  NIEFIFTEEN)
Lottie's cute shoes from Freshly Picked
Sweet Tooth Fairy for the adorable animal themed dainty delicious cake
and scrumptious cupcakes.
(special special thanks to Megan, who is amazing 
and a real life fairy...for reals)
Justin Hackworth capturing everything perfectly.
Plastic animal masks from HERE and HERE

 *Happy and thoughts next week*
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