Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Imperfect shell.

I made a choice to live. It was hard, but essentially I chose life.
To return to my body, I knew the road would be long and hard.  
I would experience pain and embarrassment for the rest of my life,
 but I would know the joy of having a mortal body.
And in that moment, I missed my body and suddenly understood the gift a
 physical body is- even an injured body.
My spirit longed to be with my body again.
It was my choice.
 I wanted to watch my children get married, have children and
 I wanted to be with Christian.
I wanted a body- no matter what shape it was in.
I wanted to come home.
 I wanted to be a wife and mother again on Earth. 
I feel blessed everyday because I am doing just that- even in 
a imperfect shell.