Friday, April 04, 2014

Favorite weekend

One of my favorite things to do with Mr. Nielson is go for drives.
 So we showed up together in the car to pick up the children from school.
They are usually suspicious when we are together picking them up,
and even more suspicious when Lottie is watching a movie in
 the car because all these signs point to: road trip.
The Little Nies don't love road trips, so we had to convince them with
a Jamba juice and they were fine.
We drove to Daybreak in South Jordan, Ut.
I think planned communities can be very nice and this was a good example.
We even took a tour of one of the model homes.
You know, Mr. Nielson is the son of a home builder
 so Christian can't NOT look in these homes.  (thanks Boss!)
We were also informed of a little home tour they are having this coming Saturday.
You can read about that HERE
Tomorrow is LDS conference and thus, my favorite time of the year.
In my opinion, this is what life is all about.
I live for days like this.
I get to listen to a real living prophet and be together with my family.
I get to learn, stretch, grow and use my faith as I listen intently.
My life is about creating traditions, maintaining faith, promoting family time,
and loving my brothers and sisters, and those in my community.
I believe that is my responsibility as a parent and a member of the Mormon faith.
Conference weekend helps me do just that.
The girls and I also have some fun Easter crafts we are going to be
doing and yummy food to be made (thanks Kelsey!)
Happy Weekend!

More information about conference HERE!
Watch Conference HERE
I will be checking my twitter feed (@nieniedialogues) and would love
to hear your favorite talks, quotes, stories, thoughts and inspiration
about the meeting.
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