Monday, March 24, 2014

Where I create

I met up with Jo, the creator of the magazine 'Where Women Create'
at Fox Hill on Friday for a little photo shoot.
We shot in my loft which is where I create, where I write, blog, sew, and 
play with my children.
The amazing Mr. Justin Hackworth came over and shot the images for 
the feature which will come out in late summer.

Also this weekend Mr. Nielson and I cleaned out the garage. 
Here are the things the construction workers left:
I found 2 sweaters (which I gifted to my brother), 
 four soda drinks from McDonald's, Wendy's, Chevron and Sonic 
(2 of them still had liquid in them). 
A pair of work gloves, one white shoe and three sacks of Sunflower seeds.
Gosh, I love cleaning out things.

Have a great Monday.